FIFA World Cup™
South Africa 2010

11. 6. - 11. 7. 2010

                      Zakumi            Jabulani


This game is about predicting the results of the 64 matches of the FIFA World Cup(TM) South Africa 2010 tournament. Tips can be entered in the bet form for each available match, where the participant is able to choose the number of goals scored for each team (from 0 to 4; "+" stands for more than 4 goals). Results may be entered or changed until the start time of the match, afterwards it is not available for tipping any more. Placed tips become visible to other users only after the deadline has expired.

Depending on the result of the match, each tip is awarded from 0 to 3 points, according to the following criteria:

  • 3 points, if the tip equals the result (e.g., tip: 2-1, result: 2-1; tip: +-2, result: 6-2),
  • 2 points, if the tip is not correct, but the goal difference is right (e.g., tip: 2-0, result: 3-1; tip: 2-2, result: 1-1),
  • 1 point, if neither the tip, nor the goal difference is correct, but the winner has been predicted (e.g., tip: 1-0, result: 4-1),
  • 0 points, if none of the rules above apply.

Additionally note that

  • the tip +-+ is awarded 3 points whenever both teams have scored more than 4 goals, regardless of which team has won or whether the match has been a draw, and 0 points otherwise.
  • tips +-x (for x<=4) are awarded 3 points if the match has ended z-x (with z>4), 1 point if team 1 has won, and 0 points otherwise (applies analogously for x-+).

This means that 2 points are never given to tips involving a "+". For play-off matches, only the result after 90 minutes is relevant; extra time and penalty shoot outs are not considered.

Additionally, there might be extra tips available regarding special outcomes of the tournament, such as the tournament winner. These extra tips can be entered in the corresponding bet form. Each extra tip is only available until the given time and if correct, the specified number of points is awarded. Points achieved from extra tips are added to the points earned from match results.

The ranking of participants is determined by several criteria in the following order:

  • number of points achieved in all matches and extra tips so far,
  • number of matches with 3 points awarded,
  • number of points earned from extra tips,
  • number of matches with 2 points awarded.

If two or more participants are equal according to the rules above they are in ex-aequo position. The efficiency is calculated as the percentage of achieved points from match results only compared to the number of possible points (i.e., 3*number of matches tipped) and has no influence on the ranking.